West Shore Beach Cafe WebCam

The webcam view outside of the West Shore Beach Cafe!

WebCam is available between 10am and 10pm GMT daily

Our live webcam shows the view out to the front of the West Shore Beach Cafe, situated on the West Shore of Llandudno in beautiful North Wales. It is motorised and continually sweeps from left to right, with views over to Penmaenmawr at its furthest point south. Behind this town you can see the northern-most point of mountains adjoining the Snowdonia mountain range. When the camera swings to the central western position, it focuses on Puffin Island just off the eastern tip of Anglesey, which itself can be seen behind Puffin Island on a clear enough day. In this position you might also see watersports such as windsurfing, and the surfboarders in action.

When the camera is at its furthest point to the north, you can see an unusual view of the south-west facing area of Llandudno’s Great Orme, and a live view of West Parade. The webcam scans across some spectacular sunsets on its way to this view. You can tell when you are looking north as the car park next to the cafe is clearly shown.

We hope you enjoy the views from your chair, and then better still visit the cafe to see them for yourself in real life! If you’re thinking of visiting us, have a look at our latest menus for something delicous to eat while you admire the views of North Wales:

North Wales Cafe